Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The way we were...

Sometimes there are things and people that don't understand where you are going. If people are going to judge you by your past then they should probably stay in your past. Someone who doesn't support your personal growth is someone who is not growing at the same rate that you are growing. It's best not to have daily correspondences with those people.

One thing that I have learned is that if you ask someone who is supposed to be one of your main supporters to back you on a project or investment and they don't; but then they make small supporting gestures to someone else who is working on a similar project or investment, that person is NOT your supporter. However these self proclaimed "supporters" are usually the first point it out the first time you are not there to support them. It's a difficult give and take. If they are family, do your best to be there but don't never be their anchor because all they will do is drown you.

In a personal growth online course we read a book by Carnegie. And one thing he talked about was real genuine praise versus fake sugary empty flattery. When you give someone a compliment that you actually mean no matter how small it may be, or praise that is deserved you make that person feel like they are worth a million bucks! But when you feed someone flattery that you don't really mean, they can tell that you are saying something because you want something from them and it creates more distrust and possibly even paranoia. Not good! This not only can ruin supervisor/employee relations but also friendships and other relationships. I know first hand on both accounts. It's sad.

The lesson here is be you, be true. Don't be fake or pretend.